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For UK Bass DJs and anyone else using 4oD or BBC iPlayer

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For UK Bass DJs and anyone else using 4oD or BBC iPlayer

Postby OVERLOAD » 04 Mar 2008 08:18 pm

'The BBC "iPlayer", Channel 4 "4oD" player and Sky Anytime use "peer to peer" sharing technology to deliver television programmes to you. This is great when you want to watch or download something, but when you are not using either of the products, they are still sharing your downloaded TV programmes in the background with other users.'

UK Bass DJS: This can cause your upload bandwidth to be used up, causing skipping/buffering on your stream. You will need to disable applications like this during your shows.

I've found this small application that disables 4oD, BBC iPlayer and Sky Anytime from stealing your bandwidth by stopping the notorious "KService.exe" P2P server. It is beyond me why BBC, Channel 4 and Sky have decided to use such aggressive software in order to save money by stealing your bandwidth without your knowledge or permission - remember some people are also on limited bandwith plans (e.g 40GB/month limits) and these can cause you to go over your limit, costing YOU money, which BBC, C4, Sky etc should be paying out.

Here is a small program that disables these as soon as your computer starts up - you can of course re-enable them: ... nload.html

Theres nothing wrong with P2P programs, but it isn't right to have them start up and run on your PC without your knowledge or consent. The more people that disable them, the more likely they are to reconsider this - and pay for their own bandwidth.

For more information on this, do a Google search for Kontiki by clicking here
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Postby Dreamy » 05 Mar 2008 09:03 am

Cheers for this Gav, Im fed up of disabling Kservice everytime I start up, will download yr lil patch to save me the trouble :)

Re: For UK Bass DJs and anyone else using 4oD or BBC iPlayer

Postby Riddima » 05 Mar 2008 05:37 pm

Quite shocking reading this!! :shock:

Postby icide » 06 Mar 2008 08:47 pm

this is nothing new
bittorrent uses DNA.EXE to work the same fashion

thou be warned!!! ;)

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