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DJ CQB presents "Gone A.W.O.L"

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DJ CQB presents "Gone A.W.O.L"

Postby DJ CQB » 19 Jul 2007 07:12 pm

Ez all UKBassradio Family. Just to let you all know that my set has now moved to 6pm - 8pm on Fridays starting tommorrow Friday 20th July 2007.

Hope you all get locked on for some bangin tunes.

8) 8) :twisted: :twisted: 8) 8)

Re: DJ CQB presents "Gone A.W.O.L"

Postby yourmomsnutz » 16 Feb 2009 12:35 am

hey man, how are you? great here!! i love your style!!
and choice of music!! Very Happy Cool BIGUP! and i upload a lot of sick ass shit to the net!! (drum and bass) to get the killer sounds out to my brothers around the world!! So i hope you dont mind that i upload your killer sets!!?? Cool so i will send you links to my torrents and if there is any thing i can do let me know!!

hope you like!! i go by the screen name:YouRmomSnutZ
my torrents are here:
do a search for YouRmomSnutZ

hope you dont mind?? if you like my torrents you could email me some pics or what you want me to say??
(hold tight all ya silent listeners)

this is the type of tracks i listen to:

Drum and Bungle (DRUM & BASS) Videos 2 (624 COUNT) (5 13GB) YouRmomSnutZ

:D :D :D

Re: DJ CQB presents "Gone A.W.O.L"

Postby kakakaoo » 18 Sep 2018 03:27 am

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