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no more Friday Sessionz with DJ G-RAT

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no more Friday Sessionz with DJ G-RAT

Postby G-RAT » 21 Sep 2012 03:00 pm

hi guys its come to the time where im stopping my friday show from now on... i will resume doing my Saturday show as much as i can but im losing interest lately with the Drum N Bass mixing... and with vinyl almost dead, mixing ain't as much fun! when i started out MP3 mixing 11 years ago almost every DJ used to look down at me and forced me to get decks and vinyl, and over the last few years vinyl has died and i now feel im back to my old ways with MP3 mixing and i don't enjoy it as much i used 2 with vinyl, as most of you know i still use vinyl as much as i can but with out the vinyl release's any more i haven't brought a vinyl in the last 8 months..

but for now i will resume my saturday shows intill further notice!

thanks for all the support over the years and hope 2 still see some of you on my saturday show 4pm till 6pm


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Postby kakakaoo » 14 Nov 2018 07:05 am

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